Paying For Your League! (Player & Team Payments)

Paying For Your League! (Player & Team Payments)


















Captains, Players, and Free Agents (Individuals), lend us your ears-


Here's what you need to know about paying for your next league. 


Team Pricing vs Per Player Pricing


Southern Sports Leagues uses two kinds of pricing models,Team and Per Player Pricing:


Per Player Pricing: We strictly enforce roster minimums. Each player is responsible for paying the player fee, outlined in league details. This does not apply to FREE AGENT TEAMS,


Team Pricing: The captain is 100% responsible that the team fee paid in full. When you create your team, the captain will be asked for a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT. This deposit temporarily reserves the team's spot in the league. Once the deposity has been paid, the captain can use our TEAMPAYER function to invite players with a request for a portion of the team fee. 


You may not us Discount Codes after team fees have been split by the captain. 


Incoplete Team Payment Policy


The payment deadline is the date that the league's registration closes This date is noted in BOLD as the "Signup Deadline" on the league details page. 


All captains will be charged the balance of the team payment at the signup deadline. (NOT INCLUDING FREE AGENT TEAMS)


Any team that cancels after the deadline will be charged a $100 non-refundable penalty fee in addition to the deposit. 


What Do I do if I'm not 100% sure that I can put together a team?


For captains that aren't confident they can complete a team payment by the SIGNUP DEADLINE, we suggest signing up as an INDIVIDUAL and inviting players to join your small group. We will add players to your roster to make sure your team fee is completed. 


A $2.95 transaction fee is added to each player fee when using TeamPayer. For example, if you request $100 from a player, they will pay a total of $102.95.

TeamPayer FAQ

I have no problem getting checks or cash from my I have to use TeamPayer to play in the league and pay my league fee now?
Absolutely not. TeamPayer is just another option to use if you think it will help you get reimbursed more quickly or easily as the Captain. You are in no way obligated to use TeamPayer.
So, are my team members paying ME with TeamPayer, or the league?
When one of your players pays a TeamPayer request, that amount goes directly to the league. The league fee balance you are responsible for as the team Captain is then reduced accordingly. In other words, the players are paying the league directly, so that you don't have to collect money from them in person.
Jack and Jill gave me checks right after I sent them TeamPayer requests... can I cancel those requests?
No problem. If you send a request out, but a player then pays you with a check or cash... just set the amount they 'Owe' to zero in your team manager panel.
I don't want to use TeamPayer... but I DO want to pay my team balance online. Can I just pay without making requests?
Yes. You can pay the remaining team balance at any time you like... leave the Fee Shares blank, and just click the 'Pay Balance' button.